Africhol Meets Asian Cholera Experts

Africhol project coordinator Martin Mengel participated in the recent meeting of the “Initiative against Diarrheal and Enteric diseases in Asia” (IDEA - in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (26-29 September 2012). The participants were high level public-health officials from 10 countries in central and east Asia concerned with the prevention and control of cholera in their countries. They presented updates on the national situation of cholera in their countries, on major achievements and challenges.

This meeting was one of the rare occasions for health professionals working on cholera in Africa and Asia to exchange their experiences and develop a common vision for the fight against cholera including direct collaborative projects of public-health experts in Africa and Asia. Asian experts took great interest in the experiences from the Africhol cholera surveillance and the recent efforts in prevention and control in Africa.

IDEA is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Sanofi Pasteur.