Project Methodology

Selection of Surveillance Sites

Zones with a high incidence of cholera are identified at country level through data review. To determine suitable surveillance sites for the Africhol project, the team visits several public health facilities and laboratories in participating countries to evaluate their capacity for enhanced cholera surveillance.

Zones that have both a high incidence of cholera and sufficient surveillance capacity can be selected for the implementation of enhanced surveillance. To have a stable population denominator, existing administrative divisions (commune, health zone, or other national or regional division) are used.


In enhanced surveillance zones all cases are notified using the common notification tool and confirmed by laboratory examination following the same laboratory procedures. This makes it possible to pool the data from all partners in a common database and to use standardized indicators for all participating countries.

The use of standardized data enables comparison of the epidemiology of cholera between the different zones. Thus, Africhol becomes a pioneer source for informing public-health interventions in Africa.